Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sexual Autonomy

Autonomy, the freedom and ability to govern one's self excluding the influences of others, is one of my core values.  I developed this core value from my early childhood sexual trauma, which formed a schema of uncontrollable thoughts and impulses led by the avoidance of rejection and need for acceptance.  This bifurcated wantonness stunted my social development.  It also shackled me to its control, causing me to be easily intimidated and creating my inferiority complexes.

As I began to discover my authentic self through holistic counseling, I needed autonomous experiences for paralleled growth and development.  After experiencing strength and power through self-government, my ability to be autonomous during social interactions increased as my self-esteem, self-love, and self-respect developed.

During some of my educational presentations on leadership and being and living authentically, for example, I stress the importance of identifying personal values and when and why they were established.  Autonomy is a value that I believe should be at the core of everyone's being.  I strongly suggest for us to instill sexual autonomy, in particular, in the lives of our children in order to end rape culture. 

When boys and girls acculturate in their primary familial unit with the understanding of sexual  autonomy, they develop a consciousness around personal boundaries and the boundaries of others.  However, aspects of our society outside of the family, such as music, entertainment, and sports, must all support and convey messages of sexual autonomy or our children will follow the schemas set before them. A picture likened unto the one that reads, "my body, my choice," should be displayed in every classroom from kindergarten to 12 grade in the top right hand corner of the chalkboard next to the date, classroom instructions, and homework assignments for the day.  As Carl Jung stated, "subliminal messages are invisible roots of conscious thoughts." This subliminal message will unravel the threads of rape interwoven within the fabrics of our culture.

Wielding, raging, and re-framing,
Dr. Latisha Webb 

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