About Dr. Webb

Dr. Latisha Webb  possesses over 12 years  of experience as a human services practitioner, serving a myriad of populations, including survivors of sexual trauma, people living with HIV/AIDS, substance abusers, current and formerly incarcerated persons, families, and neglected and abused children in multiple environments.  She is the proprietor of Exuberating Greatness Enterprises and developer of multiple curricula, including Demystifying Sexuality and the Impact of Trauma: An 8-Session Psycho-Educational Curriculum on the 6 Circles of Sexuality.  

Dr. Webb holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Services Administration, with a minor in General Business from James Madison University, a Master of Human Services from Lincoln University, and a Doctor of Education from Fielding Graduate University’s Educational Leadership & Change program. Moreover, she holds the distinguished title of Fellow for Worldwide Network for Gender Empowerment (WNGE) during the 2011-2012 school year.  Dr. Webb conducted  a grounded theory study in the field of identity formation, titled Discovering the Authentic Self: The Concurrent Processes of Being and Becoming, in which she now supports and encourages women to discover, be and live their authentic selves everyday known as On B.L.A.S.T.

She is an author, poet, former journalist, and blogger.  Examiner.com, an online publication provided her the opportunity to develop her journalistic prowess, as a Christian Counseling Examiner.  She began blogging around the same time and titled her blog, Why We?  This blog launched her personal vision to the world: To help people fulfill the greatness in their own shoes. Her personal vision addresses authenticity  identity crises, and self-defeating paradigms that so many experience.  Oftentimes, people strive to fulfill another's shoes instead of fulfilling the greatness in their own shoes.   

Currently, Dr. Webb serves as the Director of Operations for OpportUNITY, Inc. She began volunteering for the organization in August 2011; EG Enterprises partnered with OpportUNITY in December 2011 on several projects under, A Synergistic Culture; and then humbly she embraced the ‘handshake’ to join the leadership team in May 2012.  As the Director of Operations, she creates the infrastructure, including procedures, protocols, and schedules; naming, revising, and developing the residential training program and its’ curriculum; “From the Ground Up…”; acts as Fiscal Manager; planning and coordinating events; facilitates lectures for the Building Effective Entrepreneurs courses; and cultivates and maintains relationships with collaborative partners.  

She is abundantly satisfied and humbly in love with her husband, William Webb. Mr. and Dr. Webb purposefully live as  life partners, ministry partners, and business partners. Mr. Webb, a leader, minister, community activist and mobilizer, mentor, motivational speaker, and social entrepreneur, also serves as the Executive Director of OpportUNITY, Inc. Furthermore, Mr. and Dr. Webb work together to demystify sexuality through a contextual framework of the 7 Proposed Purposes of Sexuality and the affects of sexual victimization in intimate Black heterosexual relationships.

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