Monday, May 13, 2013

Mistakes Lead to Self-Discovery

As I put us On B.L.A.S.T this week, I am reminded of M.C. Maddy's (2007) grounded theory research and definition of authenticity, which is the understanding and accepting one’s personal traits.  One way that the individuals whom I interviewed have understood and accepted their personal traits came through making mistakes.  Most of us experience feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment, self-criticism, etc. when we make mistakes, especially in front of others or when our mistakes impact the lives of others. 

However, let's re-frame our paradigms about mistakes.  Let's consider mistakes as moments for learning something about ourselves.  Mistakes help us to discover our authentic selves and teach us how to behave congruently with our inner selves.   According to my research findings, our authentic selves represent the little boy or little girl within each of us.  For instance, during my childhood everyone called me Tish, short for Latisha.  No one hardly called me Latisha; even so little that my grandmother thought my parents named me Tish at birth.  

Let me introduce you to Little Tish.  She likes to color in coloring books, look at family, animated movies, and eat snacks, especially  chewy fruity candy and chewy cookies.  During the times when I made huge mistakes, Little Tish, the inner self, wanted to eat snacks while watching animated movies because she feared the criticism and judgment of others.  Reflecting on those times of mistakes and the associated feelings caused me to discover that I run to food as a means to soothe my feelings and a safety covering to hide from the world. 

Being and Becoming Authentic: A Self-Reflective Process:

During this time of self-reflection as we Be and Become our authentic selves, let's answer the following questions:  

  1. What is my paradigm about making mistakes?  
  2. What feelings do I experience when I make mistakes? 
  3. What are first three things that I do when I make a mistake?  
Answering these questions may help us to discover more about our authentic selves.  Remember, we must to re-frame our paradigms and choose to believe that mistakes create moments that lead to self-discovery.

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