Thursday, May 16, 2013

End Rape Culture! End Misogyny!! Part 1

This Thursday begins a mini series on the topic of misogyny.  During my time of reflection over the past few weeks, my deduction about truly ending rape culture concludes with the ending of misogyny.   But what is misogyny?  For those who do not know, let's define it.

First, the term, misogyny, comes from the Greek language.  Mis or misein means to hate and gyne means woman or queen.  Apparently, the branch of medicine, gynecology, also comes from the Greek word gyne for woman.  

One great thing that I love about the human race includes our ability to rage against anything that brings suppression or oppression.  Our survival, self-preservative instincts excel beyond our primitive state.  Not necessarily to rage against rape culture or misogyny; however, women created an international group titled, Soroptimist, which means the best for women.  The survival instinct to excel above and beyond misogyny produced an international group of female volunteers to help girls and women be the very best that they can be.

As we continue to rage against rape culture, ponder this: Are you perpetuating misogyny, by hating women, including yourself, possibly, or are you a soroptimist, in a greater sense, whom works to bring out the best in girls and women? 

Wielding, raging, and re-framing,

Dr. Latisha Webb

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