Thursday, April 11, 2013

I swear...

Throughout this month, I, Dr. Latisha Webb, swear never to be silent again about injury, 
victimization, or trauma against women, 
especially sexual trauma.  

As I continue to rage against our rape culture, Terri, the Founder of Operation Butterfly: Wings of Hope, also rages and swears never to be silent again. 

"The first time I swore never to be silent about my sexual trauma was in 2006 when I began therapy."--Terri, Founder of Operation Butterfly: Wings of Hope

Terri first swore never to be silent about her sexual trauma during the orientation and planning session for her doctoral program at Fielding Graduate University. She used her educational experiences to find her voice about her own trauma. Terri stated, "I used to write about my trauma through what I call the Power of the Pen (POP). I built my first website for Operation Butterfly: Wings of Hope as one of my class assignments.  I remember telling one of my female professors at Fielding, 'I just got my voice back.' I stated it with excitement, yet in a whisper."

Terri no longer whispers; she vocalizes about her sexual trauma through her outreach efforts in the prison system, in group settings, and in her writings. Not only does she share about her sexual trauma, but she discloses about her PTSD and bouts with depression. She swears to never stop taking her anti-depressants to avoid "crashing and burning," which led to her seeking therapy in the first place.  

When I asked Terri to share her swear statement in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, she declared the following four statements:

I swear never to be silent again.
I swear never to be a PSK (Professional Secret Keeper).
I swear never to blame the victim.
I swear never to be controlled by my sexual trauma.

After talking with Terri, we decided to join forces against our rape culture by wearing a white ribbon for the remainder of the month for Sexual Assault Awareness. We agreed that wearing a white ribbon may spark interest and inquiry, in hopes, to bring attention and awareness to injury, victimization, and trauma for women. We swear to speak out today, this month, and forevermore about the injury, victimization, and trauma against women.

Wielding, raging, re-framing

Dr. Latisha Webb

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